Kushagr has heard from Ward 11. Kushagr with a specialisation in public law & policy has the policy ideas ready to be implemented with your vote. See some of the issues our community is facing:

  1. Parks - Our parks need a MAJOR UPGRADE. Our kids deserve Basketball Courts, Skateboard Parks and Cricket Grounds. Better parks will ensure a healthier lifestyle for all and will help keep kids away from trouble. Ward 11 is behind and with your vote we can get AHEAD.

  2. Traffic – We need IMMEDIATE action to deal with the unprecedented traffic. Traffic is slowing down the economy, reducing our quality of life and creating more Green House Gas emissions. Through the implementation of various traffic study research papers from top academics, we can REDUCE TRAFFIC BY 15%.

  3. Crime – As a former criminal defence lawyer, I have a great understanding of crime in our community. We need IMMEDIATE action to deal with the unprecedented rise in crime. Criminal laws are the responsibility of the Federal government while Policing powers fall under the Ontario government. As councillor I will implement several preventative policies and criminal law theories that WILL REDUCE CRIME BY 10%.

  4. Red Tape reduction – There are several outdated rules and regulations that need to be cut loose to help create efficiency at our city hall. This will reduce costs, help the economy move forward and save time for citizens.

  5. Taxes – The inflation is already out of control and the cost of living is only going to continue sky rocketing. To save your money, I will FIGHT AND ADVOCATE against the unnecessary rise of property taxes.

    There are so many other issues that I want to work on. With your voice, support and ideas we can together take our community forward.

    Please feel free to share your ideas and concerns with us. No comment is a bad comment. We need to hear your voice.